Social Media Marketing

We no longer live in a world where our opinions are rarely heard. We now live in a world where anyone with a connected device can have a voice. Developing a social media presence is not only important for today’s businesses, but could be the difference between differentiation and demise.

Social media sites have revolutionized the communications landscape, and are used by billions of people around the globe on a daily basis. By properly utilizing a combination of all relevant social networks, Command Partners creates highly specific, targeted campaigns that drive results.

Command Partners recommends a focused, comprehensive approach to drive online awareness of our clients’ brands and increase website traffic, ultimately resulting in lead generation. The social media team at Command Partners uses a three-phased approach to execute the social media marketing services for our clients: competitive analysis, strategic marketing planning and implementation and community management.

  • Analysis    
    In developing a social media strategy for our clients, Command Partners conducts initial research into the top social media networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube and more with the goals of completing a competitive analysis and identifying new opportunities. Once our team of experts has completed their research, identified appropriate benchmarks and created a report on the findings, we then move forward with the creation of a targeted social media marketing plan.
  • Strategy
    Our social media marketing plans are specifically tailored to each client, and detail various tactics for not only utilizing, but taking advantage of all prominent online social media channels and networks. This step in our process typically includes, but is not limited to, developing a content strategy and editorial calendar, providing ongoing monitoring of all networks, reviewing social media keyword lists and identifying benchmarks that ultimately drive all of your business objectives.
  • Execution
    Following approval of our developed social media marketing plan, we work closely with each client in implementing all agreed-upon tasks and duties. Such activities may include the setup of user accounts, daily community management, contest promotions, strategically targeted advertising campaigns, outreach to influentials and more. All of these initiatives are intended to enhance a brand’s presence across all social media channels.

By using Command Partners for your Social Media Marketing needs, we will:

  • Create a powerful social network presence for improved consumer interaction and two-way engagement
  • Support your overall branding and marketing objectives by developing highly effective marketing strategies and tactics
  • Provide social media training tools and management
  • Help build relationships with your brand’s online communities such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Quora and many more
  • Increase number of online mentions of your brand
  • Develop measurement dashboards to track consumer acquisition, sales and other key objective metrics
  • Manage your brand’s digital reputation

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