Indiegogo Marketing

As the thought leaders in the world in crowdfunding, Command Partners is your go to source for all things Indiegogo Marketing. After experience running a variety of different successful campaigns, we have the know-how to help make your crowdfunding campaign reach its goal. With creative ideas for leveraging Indiegogo’s unique features, such as flex funding and individual referral links, together we can build the best strategy for you to be successful.

There are many facets of a complete Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. Everything from the page layout to content to perks to assets, the right setup can greatly impact the outcome of your campaign. By creating a compelling and eye-catching page, visitors will have the necessary information they need to back your project. After the campaign is launched, we combine our public relations and social media experience to push early adopters and relevant audiences to your project.

If you plan on using Indiegogo to bring your great idea to life, we are happy to help! Just fill out the form below and give us an idea about your project. Happy crowdfunding!

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