Product Development

Have a great idea for a new product or innovation? We’re proud to offer every service needed to turn a concept into a reality.

From product research to prototyping, mechanical engineering to sourcing and branding to digital marketing, we handle it all in-house. In fact, we’re the only turnkey product launch company out there. Because we’ll work with you through every step of the product development process, you can feel confident knowing you’ll end up with a reliable, proven partner. Once your product finalized, we’ll help you bring it to market through crowdfunding or digital marketing channels like Amazon or your own ecommerce store.

Product Research

Innovation starts with design research. Using proven methodologies, our product development experts create and implement a customized research plan for each client. We uncover meaningful user and market insights and then turn discovery and verification into valuable opportunities. Strong research gives us the ability to help our clients make informed decisions throughout the entire product design and development process.

Industrial Design

We recognize the need to balance creativity with logic when turning ideas into products. From initial concept to final product, we develop and fine-tune designs to create innovative and ergonomic solutions. By implementing a holistic approach including both design research and engineering, we go beyond form and function to design new products that create or enhance experiences.


Mechanical and electrical engineering is a key component of the Enventys product development pipeline. 3D computer-aided design (CAD), Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Design Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (DFMEA) are used by our engineers as they build a physical product that matches the design vision for each client. We take it a step further than other product engineering companies, though - because we are focused on the full product development process, we are willing to get our hands dirty in our state-of-the-art shop to develop and build truly unique, innovative, efficient technologies to take to market.


Prototyping is an important part of developing new products and technologies and ensuring their feasibility. Enventys is set apart from other product development companies because of our ability to quickly create functional, beautiful, refined prototypes. Prototypes are fabricated in-house, utilizing Enventys’ own staff and equipment. Whether it’s CNC machining, room temperature vulcanized (RTV) molding, thermoforming, 3D printing, laser cutting or utilizing one of the many other fabrication processes, Enventys has complete control over the entire prototyping process - resulting the best prototype for our clients’ needs.

Sourcing & Manufacturing

Enventys’ sourcing and logistics team has decades of experience in successfully taking product designs and prototypes into manufacturing. Once goods are finished, the team is able to handle all aspects of shipping and logistics. Additionally, with an office in Taiwan, strong relationships with reliable trading companies in Hong Kong, long-standing relationships with hundreds of factories across Asia and a large network of Contract Manufacturers in North and Central America, Enventys can coordinate every aspect of sourcing, manufacturing and shipping new products.

Software & App Development

Product development in the 21st century requires expertise in both hardware and software development. Our capacity to offer both of these services enables us to deliver seamless integration along with faster deployment. We build platforms, mobile apps and content management systems that add to users’ interactions with products, create and improve new user experiences and form a place for technology, design and business to intersect.


Every company has a story - that’s why we feel strongly about developing a brand that perfectly complements your product. We will create an engaging brand that seamlessly integrates your product’s identity with your customers’ experiences. With creative design expertise in both print and digital media, our branding and design teams create and enhance new and existing identities to solidify your message, creating a story that connects with your consumers.


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