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Client Background

Created by Josh Malone of Tinnus Enterprises, Bunch O Balloons is a device that easily attaches to any standard hose and is able to fill and tie over 100 water balloons in under one minute. Living in Texas makes for hot summers, and Malone was tired of painstakingly filling and tying water balloons individually to entertain his 8 children. He went to work to design a way to fill multiple water balloons at a time. After perfecting that design, Malone realized that he could also have the water balloons seal themselves and revolutionize water balloon fights. Malone wanted to take his invention to Kickstarter to raise funds for mass-production and distribution.  

The Challenge

When Malone came to Command Partners for assistance, the concept and design of Bunch O Balloons was already complete. He wanted to run a Kickstarter campaign to raise $10,000 for the mass-production of his product. However, Malone had a brand new product with no brand awareness or audience. He also had no previous knowledge of the Kickstarter platform or crowdfunding marketing techniques.

Our Strategy

The idea behind the Bunch O Balloons marketing campaign was to use Malone’s story and family to appeal to the general public. Command Partners used targeted public relations to reach out to media for coverage, gain awareness and drive traffic to the Kickstarter campaign. Social media also played a key part in the Bunch O Balloons strategy by serving as a way to reach out to the public. Command Partners used Twitter and Facebook to gain a following and engage with potential backers.

Services Provided

  • Kickstarter Campaign Strategy and Execution - created and maintained all aspects of Kickstarter campaign page (branded graphics, video consultation, page content, rewards, backer updates and stretch goals)

  • Strategic advisory services during the pre-launch and throughout the campaign period

  • Public Relations - Included creating and distributing press releases to targeted, influential media outlets and securing placements

  • Social Media Management and Design - Included creating personalized Facebook and Twitter accounts as well as daily analysis, monitoring, and posting/engaging based on analytics

  • Email Marketing - Built an email list and kept the audience up-to-date and engaged through informative emails

  • Design work - Designed branded backgrounds for social networks, infographics for the Kickstarter page and eye-catching press inserts

  • Ecommerce store - Built BunchOBalloons.com as a scalable ecommerce site to allow pre-orders following the campaign


Command Partners worked to create a more successful campaign than Malone thought possible. Bunch O Balloons raised 9291% of the original goal, with a total of $929,160. Command Partners was also successful in achieving the following for Bunch O Balloons:

  • Bunch O Balloons was featured on:

    • The Today Show, Good Morning America, Buzzfeed, Mashable, TIME, Yahoo News, People, Trend Hunter, Sports Illustrated, ABC News, Huffington Post, Business Insider, Wired, Gadget Review, Popsugar, The Verge, Gizmodo, BoredPanda, Ars Technica, Digital Trends, CNN Money, Gizmag

  • Expanded the brand’s fan base on social media platforms and created a following of backers to engage with the brand

    • Reached 21,455 total backers

    • Increased Facebook likes by 6128%

    • Increased Twitter followers by 383%

  • Signed an exclusive deal with well-known toy distributor ZURU, who will manufacture and distribute Bunch O Balloons to their vast global network of toy distributors including WAL-MART and Toys “R” Us

Command Partners worked to create a more successful campaign than Malone thought possible. Bunch O Balloons raised 9291% of the original goal, with a total of $929,160.