Chili Technology Case Study


Increase in Revenue From Adwords


Decrease in Cost From Adwords


Increase in Transactions


Increase in Revenue


Chili Technology is a privately owned development company in Mooresville, North Carolina that specializes in temperature-regulating mattress pads. Todd and Tara Youngblood founded T2 International, the parent company to Chili Technology, in 2000. Inspired by their work with mattress companies and their family connection to the inventor of the waterbed, the Youngbloods started Chili Technology in 2007 to bring more advanced temperature-regulation technology to mattresses for those with temperature-related sleep problems.


Chili Technology had been in business for over 14 years but did not have a strong web presence. The big names in mattresses and mattress toppers were also consistently outranking the company’s website. Chili Technology wanted to bring in more traffic to their website to ultimately increase sales and revenue.

Command Partners needed to create a new strategy to increase search rank in order to compete with the larger-scale mattress companies. To do this, we needed to create strategize on how to create valuable content and keep the site optimized.


Command Partners’ strategy for meeting Chili Technology’s goals of increasing sales and website traffic was to raise overall brand awareness through social media, content marketing and PPC.

In order to do this, Command Partners took over their social media accounts to define their voice and broaden their reach to more potential customers. The team started with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ in order to reach a broad range of people and then narrowed in on specific audiences with hashtags and a variety of engaging posts.

Command Partners also took over content marketing for Chili Technology, writing thoughtfully-planned out blogs using keyword research- this not only helped with defining the company’s voice, but also helped improve search rank.

In order to bring the right traffic to the website, Command Partners re-strategized Chili Technology’s PPC campaigns by utilizing keyword refinement to target the most successful keywords using Google Adwords and Bing. By doing this, Command Partners was only spending money on keywords that would bring more money in, rather than ones that were risky. For one ad campaign, Command Partners utilized Weather-based Campaign Management, a weather-based script, to boost spend on keywords. The ads would only show when temperatures in certain parts of the country exceeded 80 degrees.


Command Partners’ strategy exceeded the needs and expectations of Chili Technology. There was an increase in revenue from Adwords, as well as a decrease in spend. These efforts combined with social media management resulted in huge increases in traffic to the website and blog. An increase in overall brand awareness, along with targeting the correct audiences, allowed for an increase in traffic and sales.

  • 15.46% increase in revenue from Adwords from 2014-2016

  • 38% decrease in cost from Adwords from 2014-2016

  • 18.32% increase in transactions from 2014-2015

  • 124.59% increase in revenue from 2014-2016

Command Partners’ strategy exceeded the needs and expectations of Chili Technology.