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Client Background:

Mike D’Agostini and Chris Stoikos, two entrepreneurs and DIYers, were inspired by the Coolest Cooler, the highly-successful Kickstarter campaign from the summer of 2014. They pooled their talents to create the Coolbox, an all-in-one toolbox with an internal battery, extension cord with a three-way splitter, dual handles, LED lighting, a whiteboard, a Bluetooth speaker, wheels, a tablet stand, a clock and USB ports.

The Challenge:

The creators of the Coolbox came to Command Partners for help raising the funds needed to move into the next stages of manufacturing. In order to make production of the Coolbox a reality, the creators needed to raise $60,000 on Indiegogo. D’Agostini and Stoikos were aware of the unique challenges that come along with crowdfunding, and sought Command Partners’ assistance to surpass their funding goal.

Our Strategy:

Command Partners teamed up with Coolbox right before their campaign began and hit the ground running to market the Indiegogo project, using targeted public relations and social media to gain press coverage and send traffic to the Indiegogo page.

The campaign funded quickly, so Command Partners’ strategy shifted toward keeping up the momentum. The Coolbox team introduced a $250K stretch goal with a third Coolbox color combination: desert. Once this goal was reached, the team introduced a $500K stretch goal for a carbon fiber Coolbox.

The Coolbox team also launched a referral program midway through the campaign. Backers received $20 back for each referral, which encouraged social sharing and helped the campaign grow.

Services Provided:

  • Indiegogo Campaign Strategy and Execution - Crafted updates, advised on stretch goals, provided strategic advisory services for campaign maintenance
  • Public Relations - Created and distributed press releases to targeted media lists, pitched stories to journalists and secured media coverage.
  • Social Media Management and Design - Managed the Coolbox Facebook and Twitter accounts during the campaign including posting daily and responding to messages and comments.
  • Pay-Per-Click - Created and managed Facebook ads targeted towards consumers who would be interested in the Coolbox, from DIY enthusiasts to known crowdfunding backers.
  • Email Marketing - Wrote and distributed email updates to both leads and backers to keep subscribers engaged
  • Design Work - Designed campaign graphics, branded headers for social media profiles and eye-catching press inserts


While working with Command Partners, the Coolbox reached its goal of $60,000 and went on to raise more than $370,000.

Other notable accomplishments include:

  • Press coverage from major outlets including BroBible, Digital Trends, Dude I Want That, Cool Material, CNET, Engadget, Entrepreneur, National Post, theCHIVE, and Inc.
  • Passed 100K in the first two days.
  • 100% funded in 12 hours and 200% in 36 hours.
  • Expanded the Coolbox’s fan base on social media and created a following of backers to engage with the brand.
    • Reached 1728 backers.
    • Campaign shared more than 7000 times on Facebook.
    • Campaign shared 477 times on Twitter.

While working with Command Partners, the Coolbox reached its goal of $60,000 and went on to raise more than $370,000.