Eartop Case Study


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Client Background

EarTop is a technology startup that produces wireless consumer audio and video high quality devices. Founded by current CEO Ketan Rahangdale in 2012, a 19 year old at the time, EarTop aimed to help people lead happier on-the-go lives. EarTop launched their company with the Flow series, a small bluetooth device that plugged into the popular headphones Beats Solo, Beats Solo HD, Beats Studio, and Bose QC-15. EarTop is also compatible with car stereos, iPod 32-pin docks, and RC connectors. This variety of intelligent and efficient wireless devices were designed to fit consumers needs.

The Challenge

The EarTop Flow device would fit the needs of many in the tech world, the company itself faced challenges. The first challenge was the need for financial investors. With a 19 year old founder, finding serious investors for EarTop was difficult. This made raising interest and capital to manufacture EarTop Flow nearly impossible. With a goal to become the premier company to develop wireless technologies, EarTop knew they couldn’t do it alone, so they turned to Command Partners for help.

Our Strategy

In order to gain awareness for EarTop, Command Partners knew that it was important to build a foundation with a positive brand image for EarTop. That was the center of the strategic plan. To start EarTop on the right foot, CP built a new website that allowed for pre-orders and media kit downloads. Additionally, the site highlights all of the media coverage that EarTop has received and showcases the top talent on the EarTop team, making the company more appealing to investors. It was important to do this first because EarTop needed to be conveyed as organized and polished to potential investors and customers. To gain the attention of backers, CP helped create the pitch deck that would be presented to investors. To generate more awareness for EarTop, CP carried the brand identity across social media platforms and in press releases.

Services Provided

  • Provided strategic advisory services to develop a brand identity for EarTop that would positively impact investors and customers
  • Built the EarTop website to reflect the brand identity, including website design and development
  • Helped plan an organized and alluring pitch deck to present to investors and encourage them to back EarTop
  • Created press releases and distributed them to media contacts
  • Managed social media accounts to generate awareness and build relationships with consumers


  • Increased awareness through key PR placements
  • Fox News
  • Forbes 30 under 30
  • Empact 100
  • Entrepreneur Magazine
  • Inc. Magazine
  • Website + Social
  • Over 4,000 visits since the site launched in mid-January 2013
  • 44 form completions for media inquiries and product preorders
  • Increased Facebook likes by 42%
  • Increased Twitter followers by 124%

Command Partners was able to generate more than 4,000 pageviews within the first month of the website launch, and secured multiple high-impact media placements.