Genetipetz Case Study


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Client Background

Genetipetz is a Charlotte-based, startup company that produces unique and fun plush toys which combine features from multiple animals to create new, never-before-seen creatures. The goal of Genetipetz is to teach children the power of science and diversity while building a business from the ground up with an entrepreneurial state of mind.

The Challenge

The concept and design phases of Genetipetz were 100% complete when the company sought out Command Partners for assistance in raising funds to move the project to the next phase - manufacturing. Genetipetz was required to crowdfund $20,000 on Kickstarter in order to mass-produce the plush toys. With no experience in crowdfunding, Genetipetz needed assistance with not only the campaign itself, but also with publicity efforts and creating brand awareness.

Our Strategy

Command Partners executed a focused strategy to drive awareness of Genetipetz and increase traffic to the Genetipetz Kickstarter campaign page. With experience, expertise and key resources, Command Partners was able to craft a Kickstarter strategy and page layout, including images, content, rewards, video consulting, which successfully converted page viewers to funders.

Services Provided

  • Strategic advisory services during the Kickstarter prelaunch phase
  • Kickstarter Campaign Strategy and Execution - created and maintained all aspects of Kickstarter campaign page (images, video consultation and strategy, content, rewards, etc.)
  • Social Media Management and Design - Included daily analyzing, monitoring, and posting/engaging based on analytics
  • Public Relations - Included creating and distributing press release to targeted, influential media outlets and securing placement
  • PPC Advertising Campaign - Included creating and maintaining campaigns in Google AdWords and Microsoft adCenter, custom lead tracking solutions and integration between the two
  • Website redesign


In addition to assisting Genetipetz in successfully raising 108% ($21,727) of its funding goal on Kickstarter, Command Partners also achieved the following results in under 30 days:

  • Expanded the brands fan base on social media platforms and created a larger community of fans who now engage with the brand on a daily basis
    • Increased number of Facebook Likes by 808%
    • Increased the number of Twitter Followers from 1660%
    • Twitter Retweets, Mentions and Favorited Tweets - 60
    • Clicks to Kickstarter page on link - 1,486
  • Created a 600% ROI on PPC advertisements
  • Secured multiple media placements, including a 2:30 television segment
    • Toy industry publications
  • Raised 50% of funding goal within first 24 hours of Kickstarter campaign

In addition to assisting Genetipetz in successfully raising 108% ($21,727) of its funding goal on Kickstarter, Command Partners successfully grew the social audience by more than 1,000%.