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Client Background

Glowing Plant is the breakthrough concept from a new team of innovative scientists. Both Omri Amirav-Drory and Kyle Taylor received their PhDs from Stanford University, and joined together with a team of industry professionals to work towards creating sustainable light by introducing plants that glow in the dark. Using the Genome Compiler, software which allows users to easily design genetic sequences and order them online, the Glowing Plant team inputs bioluminescence genes into a mustard plant and makes it naturally glow. The long-term idea is for Glowing Plant to replace electric or gas lighting with natural lighting from plants. The team brought their concept to crowdfunding site, Kickstarter, with a goal of $65K to print DNA sequences, and reward backers with seeds to grow their own Glowing Plants.


Glowing Plant had reached their crowdfunding goal when they brought on Command Partners to join their Kickstarter campaign. The founders wanted to raise as much awareness and money as possible to help promote sustainable energy. To do this, the Glowing Plant team needed assistance with public relations, social media outreach, securing press coverage and managing digital marketing efforts.


Command Partners crafted a strategic plan to increase awareness, secure publicity and drive traffic to the Glowing Plant Kickstarter page. Since Glowing Plant brought on Command Partners mid-campaign, the team expanded the media contact list by reaching out to different verticals, such as the DIY, Entrepreneurs and Landscape Communities. The Command Partners team also worked hard to bring Glowing Plant social media to the next level by expanding reach and increase engagement. Command Partners applied their past experience, resources, connections and crowdsource knowledge to create a strategy to help further develop Glowing Plant’s Kickstarter campaign and convert more backers.

Services Provided

  • Strategic Advisory services throughout the second half of the Kickstarter campaign
  • Social Media Design - Created eye-catching graphics for social networks, such as Facebook cover photos, Twitter backgrounds, website banners and landing pages
  • Social Media Management - Included daily analyzing, monitoring and posting/engaging based on analytics
  • Facebook Advertising - designed, implemented and managed Facebook ads for relevant target audiences
  • Public Relations - Included creating and distributing press releases to targeted, influential media outlets and securing placement


With Command Partners’ help, Glowing Plant reached 744% of their crowdfunding goal, raising a total of $484,013. In addition to aiding Glowing Plant along its path to becoming one of the top projects on Kickstarter, Command Partners also achieved the following:

  • Expanded Glowing Plant’s presence on social networks
  • Increased Facebook Likes by 160%
  • Increased Twitter Followers by 78%
  • The media hits, reads and social media posts garnered a total 2,135 views on the Glowing Plant Kickstarter site
  • Glowing Plant was covered in:
  • Mashable, TechCrunch, BoingBoing, Next Nature, CNET, Forbes, Discovery, BBC, Wall Street Journal, Earthtechling, Wired, Trend Hunter, New York Times, Geek, Inhabitat, Fast Co. Exist, Tech Hive, Cool Things, The Daily Beast, NBC News, MAKE:, psfk, Huffington Post, Popular Science, Ubergizmo, Tech Cocktail, Yahoo, MSN, Daily Mail, Genomeweb

With Command Partners’ help, Glowing Plant reached 744% of their crowdfunding goal, raising a total of $484,013.