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Client Background

myType Keyboard is a foldable bluetooth keyboard by Roysden Innovations, LLC of Phoenix, Arizona. Founder Brunn Roysden has been working on developing the myType Keyboard for years, and had finally perfected the design. The myType Keyboard is a silicone, foldable Bluetooth keyboard for mobile phones and tablets that wirelessly pairs with devices while on the go. Its patented, key interleaving fold design allows users to easily carry around a full sized keyboard in their pocket, unlike most folding keyboards on the market today which have tiny keys that typically lead to cramped hands and spelling mistakes.

The Challenge

The myType Keyboard founders approached Command Partners for help raising funds necessary to move their product into the next stages of manufacturing. In order to mass-produce the myType Keyboard, they needed to crowdfund at least $10,000 on Kickstarter. The founders needed assistance building the myType Kickstarter campaign from the ground up, and gaining awareness for the project.

Our Strategy

Command Partners built the myType crowdfunding campaign from the beginning. After a competitive analysis of other wireless keyboards on Kickstarter, Command Partners was able to craft a targeted media list and outreach campaign. Additionally, Command Partners planned an email marketing campaign to leverage the real-world connections that the myType Team had made at CES and other events. Command Partners then conducted a pre-launch media relations campaign by sending sample keyboards to many of the top media outlets, resulting in coverage during the Kickstarter campaign.

How We Helped

  • Kickstarter Pre-Launch Strategic Advisory Services - designed Kickstarter page layout including images, content, reward levels and video consultation
  • Executed Email Marketing Campaign - crafted, designed and distributed e-newsletters to myType Keyboard’s email list post-launch and during the campaign
  • Kickstarter Campaign Strategy and Execution - launched campaign, sent out updates to backers, secured cross-promotion opportunities and developed stretch goals
  • Social Media Management and Design - created Facebook and Twitter profile pictures and backgrounds, posted engaging content daily, interacted with fans and followers, reached out to relevant people, executed Facebook contest and measured analytics
  • Public Relations - drafted and distributed press releases, pitched relevant media contacts, mailed myType Keyboards for product reviews and secured placement with influential outlets
  • Paid Advertisements - designed and strategically placed banner and front page ads on Kicktraq


With Command Partner’s assistance, the myType Keyboard Kickstarter project reached its $10,000 goal on the second day of its crowdfunding campaign, and went on to raise $149,088, or 1,490% of the original goal. In addition to helping make myType a huge crowdfunding success, Command Partners also achieved the following:

  • Increased myType’s presence and fan base on social media
    • Facebook fans increased by 1206%
    • Twitter followers increased by 1525%
  • Between emails, social media posts, press releases and media coverage garnered 2,127 clicks on the link
  • myType Keyboard was covered in:
    • Mashable, ZDNet, TechMASH, Trend Hunter, Venture Beat, Fast Company, Dude I Want That, MacTrast (Kickstarter of the Week), 9 to 5 Mac, Today’s iPhone, Gadget Review, Geeky Gadgets, AppStorm, Technology Tell and more

With Command Partner’s assistance, the myType Keyboard Kickstarter project reached its $10,000 goal on the second day of its crowdfunding campaign, and went on to raise $149,088.