RE/MAX Executive Realty Case Study


Visits Increase


Bounce Decrease


Pages/Visit Increase


Time on Site Increase

Client Background

RE/MAX Executive is one of the largest RE/MAX franchises in the US with six offices across metro Charlotte and surrounding counties. They employ over 200 full-time Realtors. Because of RE/MAX Executive’s focus on veteran agents and quality customer service, the franchise consistently has the highest number of sales per agent and ranks in the top 3 for overall sales. Real Trends business magazine also lists them as one of the “Top 500 Firms in the US”.

The Challenge

RE/MAX Executive had been in business for 10 years but did not have a strong internet web presence. Individual Realtors of Executive were consistently outranking the company’s website with their personal sites. RE/MAX Executive wanted the company website to be a source of leads for all their agents and hired us to get them there. When we started, they were ranked on the front page for one single phrase, "Charlotte real estate".

After working with their new websites, we needed to create a new strategy to compete with the larger real estate sites including Trulia and Zillow. To compete on the front page, we needed to create valuable content and keep the site optimized. Since they have had a web presence, their engagement metrics have slowly grown year-over-year, and are substantially improved now than in 2006.

Our Strategy

We identified two major competitive advantages that Executive holds over the majority of real estate companies in the area: their listing inventory and their agents. RE/MAX Executive averages over 1500 residential real estate listings for sale at any given time. They also encourage individual agents to create their own websites and lobbied the local real estate board to allow individual agents access to the MLS feed of property information for those websites.

We used the listing inventory to create low-cost, standalone virtual tour websites with unique domains. The virtual tour sites provided Realtors with a virtual open house for their listings and were valuable on their own merit. Homes featured in the tours sold 40% quicker than those that did not have a virtual tour. Also, when Realtors demoed the virtual tours in a listing appointment, they were more likely to win the listing since the tours differentiated them from others.

Additionally, to compete with the larger real estate sites, we built a multitude of microsites for Charlotte relocation and recruiting to serve specific aspects of RE/MAX’s business goals.

Lastly, we focused on user experience and turned off registration requirements completely. Visitors could now search, view results, and see all property details without having to give any personal information. This dramatically increased engagement metrics and paved the way for a staggering decrease in bogus leads and, not surprisingly, more genuine leads since visitors only signed up to save properties or request help.

Despite real estate being a referral-based business, RE/MAX Executive’s marketing program generates over 15% of their yearly buyer-side transactions.

How We Helped

  • Microsites and link building - websites for Charlotte relocation, recruiting, charity events, virtual tours, agent blogs, and more
  • Website upgrades - managed multiple wholesale site migrations to various platforms as dictated by internal company strategy or RE/MAX International’s requirements.
  • Lead Incubation - cradle to grave lead tracking and incubation, full CRM including monitoring performance, training agents, and even shutting them off from leads until training requirements were met.
  • Integrated direct mail and email services to support lead incubation - prospects and leads were sorted into various groups to receive email and direct mail postcards custom to their location and situation.
  • Company-wide training on local search and social media marketing.


RE/MAX Executive obtained top rank for their target phrases (on Google, Yahoo, and Bing). Monthly search engine traffic has increased over 215% over the life of the campaign. Before the campaign with Command Partners about 30% of RE/MAX Executive visitors came from search. In July 2012, that number was 80%.

  • Organic Search
    • Visits: 203% increase
      • July 2006: 2619 visitors
      • Jul 2012: 7933 visitors
    • Bounce Rate: 60% decrease
      • July 2006: 64.61%
      • July 2012: 25.6%
    • Time on Site: 688% increase
      • July 2006: 1 min 12 secs
      • July 2012: 9 min 28 secs
    • Pages/visit: 787% increase
      • July 2006: 1.42
      • July 2012: 12.6

Before the campaign with Command Partners about 30% of RE/MAX Executive visitors came from search. In July 2012, that number was 80%.