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Client Background

Joe Lemay, CEO of Rocket Innovations, built his career developing and selling large scale systems deployed for Fortune 500 companies to serve millions of users. Through this experience in engineering and business development, he found that he often needed a way to combine traditional writing surfaces with the power of cloud technology. Rocketboard, a whiteboard system that allows you to combine whiteboards with technology, was born out of this. 

Rocketboard’s success inspired Joe to take this technology a step further. He teamed up with Joe Epstein to create Rocketbook, a spiral-bound notebook that uses a mobile app to sync to Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote and email. What’s more, the notebook has special microwave-safe paper. This means that if you write on it with a heat-sensitive pen, you can throw the whole book in the microwave to erase all of the pages, and then use it again.

The Challenge

Rocketbook was unveiled at Launch Festival, and it was kept under wraps until the presentation, at which point the campaign went live. This meant Command Partners had no pre-launch period, which is the time to gather leads and build up an email list of people who are interested in the product. Typically most of the first day’s funding comes from this list. 

Our Strategy

Since there was no pre-launch period, Command Partners had to hit the ground running as soon as the campaign went live and need to capitalize on momentum from Launch Festival in order to spread the word about Rocketbook. Command Partners used targeted public relations to obtain media coverage and drive traffic to the Indiegogo page, along with social media to garner excitement, reach out to the public, and send them to the campaign page to purchase their Rocketbooks. Specifically, the campaign used Twitter and Facebook to drive social media users to the Rocketbook Indiegogo page. 

The campaign funded quickly, so Command Partners came up with a strategy to keep the project going. Rather than simply announcing a stretch goal, Rocketbook created a video asking backers to vote on whether they would rather have a legal pad version of the Rocketbook, or a smaller and sleeker Rocketbook. The smaller Rocketbook Executive won the vote.

Services Provided

Indiegogo Campaign Strategy and Execution - Created and maintained all aspects of the Indiegogo campaign page (branded graphics, video consultation, page content, rewards, updates, and goals).
Public Relations - Created and distributed press releases to targeted media lists, pitched influential media outlets, and secured media coverage.
Social Media Management and Design - Managed the Facebook and Twitter accounts leading up to and during the campaign, including daily analysis, monitoring and posting.
Email Marketing - Built an email list and kept the subscribers up-to-date and engaged through informative emails and updates.
Design Work - Designed all campaign graphics as well as branded headers and cover photos for social networks, and eye-catching press inserts.


Command Partners worked to create an Indiegogo project that would be a success as soon as it went live. While working with Command Partners, Rocketbook raised $459,569, which is nearly 3,000% of the initial goal of $20,000.

Command Partners also achieved the following:

  • Rocketbook was featured on:
    • CNET, Uncrate, Gizmodo, PSFK, The Boston Globe, Digital Trends, TrendHunter, GizMag, Crowdfund Insider, HiConsumption, Daily Mail, Fortune, Taxi, Business Journal and more
  • Expanded Rocketbook’s fan base on social media platforms and created a following of backers to engage with the brand:
    • Reached 13,385 backers
    • Increased Facebook likes by 100%
  • The campaign has gone on to raise more than $800,000 on Indiegogo InDemand after the successful Indiegogo campaign run by Command Partners.

Command Partners worked to create an Indiegogo project that would be a success as soon as it went live. While working with Command Partners in the first 30 days of the live campaign, Rocketbook raised $459,569, which is nearly 3,000% of the initial goal of $20,000.