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Client Background

With the likes of Oculus Rift and Samsung outbidding each other to create the best VR viewing platforms, there is a critical part of the puzzle still missing - how do you create stunning VR content in the first place? Sphericam 2 answers that question. It is a spherical, 360º camera that allows users to capture absolutely everything around them in high resolution without any blind spots. They can watch the resulting videos on a VR Headset (like Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR or Google Cardboard) or on an iPad, tablet, PC or mobile phone. Sphericam 2 is the second camera project from Chicago-born Jeffrey Martin. After taking everything he learned from making Sphericam 1, Martin spent the past few years iterating on the camera until he came up with what is now Sphericam 2

The Challenge

The Sphericam creator approached Command Partners for help raising funds necessary to move his product into the next stages of design and manufacturing. In order to complete and mass-produce Sphericam, he needed to crowdfund at least $150,000 on Kickstarter. Having run a successful Kickstarter campaign before, Sphericam’s creator knew he would need assistance promoting the Sphericam Kickstarter campaign from the very beginning to gain awareness for the project. Additionally, the massive amount of backers necessitated the deployment of a full-service agency with PR capabilities, like Command Partners, to keep Sphericam’s audience happy.

Our Strategy

After a competitive analysis of similar products on Kickstarter and in the market, Command Partners was able to craft a targeted media list and outreach campaign. Command Partners then used targeted public relations efforts to reach out to media for coverage, gain awareness and drive traffic to the Kickstarter campaign. Additionally, Command Partners created engaging content on social media channels to reach top influencers, resulting in high-profile coverage and continued momentum throughout the crowdfunding campaign. The team also leveraged the Kickstarter platform to announce stretch goals and upsells to existing funders, as well as make status updates that encouraged supporters to tell their family, friends and networks about Sphericam’s campaign.

Services Provided

  • Kickstarter Campaign Strategy and Execution - Created and maintained all aspects of Kickstarter campaign page (branded graphics, video consultation, page content, rewards, backer updates and stretch goals)

  • Strategic Advisory Services- Analyzed online presence, social media presence and website effectiveness during the pre-launch phase and throughout the campaign period

  • Public Relations - Included creating and distributing press releases and pitches to targeted, influential media outlets and securing placements

  • Social Media Management- Included creating personalized Facebook and Twitter accounts as well as daily analysis, monitoring, and posting/engaging based on analytics

  • Email Marketing - Built an email list and kept the audience up to date and engaged through informative emails

  • Pay-Per-Click Marketing- Optimized the placement, keywords, phrasing and budget for several Facebook advertising campaigns to drive email signups and traffic to the campaign page

  • Design work - Designed branded backgrounds for social networks and infographics for the Kickstarter page

  • Customer relations - Responded in a timely fashion to a very high volume of backer requests, distributor inquiries, and more


Command Partners worked to create a successful crowdfunding campaign. Sphericam raised 305% of the original funding goal, for a total of $457,881. Command Partners was also successful in achieving the following for Sphericam:

  • Sphericam was featured on:

    • The Kickstarter blog, TechCrunch, Mashable, VR Focus, PetaPixel, Road to VR, Video Edge, TV Technology, SlashGear, All Things VR, LA Times, The Gadget Flow, Tom’s Hardware, Geeky Gadgets, Digital Trends, Upload VR, The Huffington Post, Tech Times, Gearhungry, Supercompressor, VentureBeat, Backerjack, Ubergizmo, Re/Code, Hi Consumption, Highsnobiety, Cool Material, StupidDOPE, Trend Hunter, Stuff, readwrite, GearMoose, PSFK and About.com

  • The Command Partners team was successful in driving the intended audience to the Kickstarter page through social media, press releases, Facebook ads and media coverage, aggregating over 10,000 targeted clicks to the campaign page.

  • Expanded the brand’s fan base on social media platforms and created a following of backers to engage with the brand

    • Engaged 482 total backers

    • Increased Facebook likes by 1,284%

    • Increased Twitter followers by 519%

Sphericam raised 305% of the original funding goal, for a total of $457,881.